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Niessing, Radius 9 horloge
Niessing, Radius 9 horloge

Radius 9


Niessing watches reinterpret time and express your personality in a modern piece of jewelry.

Radius 9 was developed in 1993 as the first watch in the manufactory’s history of then 120 years. With its calm design and intelligent construction it continues to lead the way for us.

The idea behind Radius 9: two rectangular plates of platinum, gold, or stainless steel are curved to form a circle segment with the radius of 9 centimeters. This soft curvature offers an anatomically perfect fit to the wrist. Whether the size is S, M, L, or XL, the radius always remains the same. All models have a stainless steel movement casing, which is enclosed by the leather wristband and the two metal plates.

leather wristband, stainless steel, various Niessing 18k gold colors or platinum 950

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